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Replacement spring | midcentury seating spring replacement

Replacement spring | midcentury seating spring replacement

Experspring / loopspring is easy to replace and fit to your vintage furnitureOld brown loopspring is no longer made. Buy replacements from Danish homestore. 5 pr meter.Clear vinyl covered Experspring is easy to make and fit your self
New clear vinyl experspring / loopsprings fitted to Peter Hvidts Boomerang chairExperspring is supplied as a long spring. Simple to cut and fit.  Danish homestore Experspring / loopspring lasts for 30  -  40 years before it wears out.
Danish homestore is the leading supplier of Experspring. We ship worldwideClear vinyl covered experspring used in lots of  midcentury furniture Experpsring / loopspring cost 5 pr meter and is supplied with connectors by Danish homestore

Clear vinyl covered loopspring / Experspring for replacement in most midcentury Danish chairs and seats.

With central core of steel coil spring. For use in most midcentury and Danish chairs & settees. £5 pr meter.

The spring is supplied in one long coil which you need to cut into the required length. You simply order the total amount of meters you need.

Screw into one end the connector thread supplied and counter twist the other end 5-6 times before joining the ends and twisting them together.

The counter twisting first stops the spring from coiling up when you join the ends!

Watch the demonstration video below!

For chairs like Boomerang from France & son,
Grete Jalk from P Jeppesen,
and many others

Price is pr meter including connection screw thread.

Postage charges apply and are calculated automatically by the system based on the meters you order.

1m = 39½ inch

Price: 5.00(5.65)

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