Teak cabinets

Teak cabinets

Practical and hard wearing teak cabinets, sideboard and shelving systems available.

There will be a varied selection of long sideboards, wall units and similar storage cabinets all in teak
Some will be made by the well known and famous Danish architects / designers as well as lesser known generic Danish furniture manufacturers.

Every item listed in this section can be view in our large showroom located in Nottingham

Hans Wegner teak sideboard | President | RY25

 4,500.00  each

Long sideboard with tambour doors | Johannes Andersen

 3,749.00  each

Hundevad wall unit with music cabinet | Teak

 495.00  each

Henry W Klein long and low sideboard | Bramin

 2,150.00  each

Prebend Sorensen teak PS system | 2 bay

 950.00  each

Vintage 1950s sideboard | Removable sliding doors

 849.00  each

Hans Wegner design 2 door cabinet | Teak

 950.00  each

Hans Wegner RY26 teak sideboard | Ry Mobler

 3,900.00  each

Hans Wegner President sideboard | RY25

 5,950.00  each