Available we have a varied and ever changing selection of Midcentury and modern Danish made Bookcases in a variety of lovely woods.

There will be a varied selection of low bookcases mixed in with large double banked bookases and wall mounted systems by the likes of Poul Cadovious and others

Every item listed in this section can be view in our large showroom located in Nottingham

Borge Mogensen bookcase | Light oak

 395.00  each

Antique Danish bookcase in dark oak | 2 shelves

 195.00  each

Gunni Omann double bank bookcase | Rosewood

 749.00  each

Preben Sorensen sliding door cabinet | PS System

 149.00  each

Large Danish bookcase top sideboard | Vintage teak

 2,895.00  each

Borge Mogensen bookcase - ORESUND serie 1965

 549.00  each

Poul Cadovius small CADO set | 2 shelves & 1 cabinet

 495.00  each