ENTER THIS SECTION to see the varied and ever changing selection of Midcentury and modern Danish sofas.

There will be a varied selection of chairs, some in leather and others in fabric and those by the well known and famous Danish architects / designers like Hans Wegner, Peter Hvidt, Stouby, Skalma, GETAMA and many many others as well as lesser known generic Danish sofas.

Every item listed in this section can be view in our large showroom located in Nottingham

Vintage 3 seat large sofa in brown leather

 1,149.00  each

High back 1970s retro settee in ox leather & suede

 895.00  each

Classic box frame 1940s 2 seat sofa | Reupholstery project

 650.00  each

Erik Ole Jorgensen sofa EJ380 | Restoration project

 600.00  each

Compact 3 seat sofa with dark wood show frame

Compact 3 seat sofa with dark wood show frame

 550.00  each

Hans Wegner model GE300 sofa | Upholstery project

 1,150.00  each

Modern 2 seat sofa with fixed cushions | Danish design

 349.00  each

Tan leather 2 seat sofa | Beech frame

 495.00  each

Hans Wegner vintage 2 seat sofa | Oak frame GE265

 2,695.00  each

1940s reupholstery project 2 seat sofa | Coil sprung

 650.00  each

Hans Wegner Cigar sofa | Teak & oak frame

 3,450.00  each

Classic box frame 2 seat sofa | Upholstery project

 100.00  each