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Rosewood scissor lamp | Le Klint

Rosewood scissor lamp | Le Klint

Rosewood stylised light holder.Scissor extending mechanism connecting light holder to wall plate.
Danish scissor lamp unextended.The lamp can be extended slightly to suit your needs.Full reach of the scissor lamp's extension.
The light holder can be turned from side to side.The floral shade adds a lovely warmth to the lamp.
Rosewood scissor lamp | Le Klint
Rosewood scissor lamp with floral pleated shade. Produced by Le Klint.

The light is a real room warmer as the ambient glow through the pleated plastic shade is total and it emphasises the lamps shape.
The floral lamp shade adds a sense of warmth to the overall look of the lamp as opposed to a pure white pleated shade.

By gently pulling on the light holder, the lamp smoothly extends, and by gently pushing on it, the lamp retracts.
The light holder can be turned side to side from the wall plate in a 180 degree arc.
The light itself is turned on via a button on the light holder and the plug is a standard British plug.

Condition. Perfect with lovely patina.
Scissor joints are fully functional and operate smoothly.

Producer. Le Klint
Name. Scissor Lamp

Height of wall plate. 13¾ inch / 35cm
Protrusion from wall. 17 inch / 43cm
Full Reach. 25 inch / 64cm

REF L274
Price: 345.00(389.85)

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