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Teak bookcase with 3 shelves

Teak bookcase with 3 shelves

2 shelves can be moved along pre-drilled holes in the sides.The shelves sit on peg supports and are adjustable.
Adjustable shelving for narrow Danish made bookcase in teak.Teak bookcase made in Denmark with adjustable shelving.Narrow teak bookcase ideal for alcoves or smaller rooms.
Danish made teak bookcases with adjustable shelving.Bookcase in teak with adjustable shelves made in Denmark.
Teak bookcase with 3 shelves
Vintage narrow bookcase in teak with 3 shelves. Made in Denmark.

This elegant and simple design bookcase offers good storage room for a lot of books as well as other display items.

Its size, specifically the depth, means that it is perfect for use in rooms lacking in a lot of space or even in an alcove of a larger room.

It features a single fixed shelf and 2 adjustable shelves.
These shelves rest on pegs that can be moved along pre-drilled holes or removed entirely.

Condition. Good. Restored with oiled finish.
Minor signs of use & age such as chipping and marks are present.

Width. 39½ inch / 100cm
Depth. 11¾ inch / 30cm
Height. 45¼ inch / 115cm

2 available.
Price per unit

Price: 195.00(220.35)

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