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Prebend Sorensen teak shelving system | 1950 design

Prebend Sorensen teak shelving system | 1950 design

The PS system spans 3 bays and is perfect for use on a large wall.
All the shelves & cabinets are movable, making the system very versatile.3 bay PS system in teak with 10 shelves & 3 cabinets.The 2 drawer cabinet can be used to store a multitude of items.
The unit has two cabinets each with sliding doors.Each of the sliding door cabinets contains a single shelf.Randers Mobelfabrik PS system in teak spanning 3 bays.
Prebend Sorensen teak shelving system | 1950 design
Vintage teak PS system designed by Prebend Sørensen spanning 3 bays.

This unit of the PS system combines a minimalist design while offering a lot of storage space, and is perfect for usage in an office / bedroom.

4 uprights
4 shelves @ 8 inch / 20cm deep
2 shelves @ 9 3/4 inch / 25cm deep
1 shelf @ 12 inch / 31cm deep
1 shelf @ 18 inch / 46cm deep
2 cabinets with sliding doors
1 writing desk with 2 drawers.

The cabinets all operate smoothly and provide storage useful for holding papers, tools, documents, etc.
Both of the sliding door cabinets have solid teak finger grips.

The shelves are perfect for displaying items such as pictures, trophies, important glassware and other such items.
The shelves and cabinets attach to the uprights via shelf supports and can be rearranged to suit your needs.

Designer. Prebend Sørensen
Producer. Randers Møbelfabrik
Model. PS System
Year of Design. 1950

Condition. Good with minor marks and scratches consistent with use & age
The unit completely dismantles for flat packing for storage and easy transport.

Width. 96 inch / 244cm
Depth. 18 inch / 46cm
Height. 79 inch / 200cm


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