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Poul Cadovius rosewood shelving system | CADO

Poul Cadovius rosewood shelving system | CADO

Vintage Poul Cadovius 2 bay CADO system in rosewood. Price 1695.2 bay wall mounted system in rosewood designed by Poul Cadovius.All of the cabinets & shelves are fitted onto dowel holes.
Wall mounted CADO cabinets & shelves by System CADO on wall panels.Lockable rosewood cabinet with drop-front for The drop-front cabinet contains 2 smaller drawers and an open space.
Very practical and easy to re-arrange CADO system designed in 1965.The CADO system offers versatile storage options.Poul Cadovius rosewood shelving system | CADO
Poul Cadovius 1965 design rosewood CADO system spanning 2 bays. 1695.
Poul Cadovius rosewood shelving system | CADO
Vintage rosewood 2 bay CADO system on wall panels with 7 shelves & 1 display cabinet.

The system is very easy to mount as the wall panels fix to the wall and each unit is fitted onto dowel holes.
Once you have the panels mounted on the wall you can arrange the shelving and cabinets as they suit you best.

The system comprises of:
2 wall panels
3 shelves @ 8½ inch / 22cm
2 shelves @ 15 inch / 38cm
2 shelves @ 18 inch / 46cm
1 display cabinet @ 8½ inch / 22cm

The shallow cabinet contains 2 glass shelves perfect for displaying smaller items on.

Condition: Good with signs of use consistent with age.

Designer. Poul Cadovius
Producer. System CADO
Model. CADO
Year of Design. 1960

Total Width. 63 inch / 160cm
Total Depth. 18 inch / 46cm
Total Height. 97 inch / 246cm



Price: 1,695.00(1,915.35)

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