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Kai Kristiansen teak FM system | 6 cabinets

Kai Kristiansen teak FM system | 6 cabinets

Each unit is adjustable and mounts onto the uprights with metal clips.The cabinets contain an assortment of drawers, shelves & a record holder.
Feldballe Mobelfabrik teak FM system designed by Kai Kristiansen.The bookends are practically designed & match the system.1952 design teak FM system with cabinets & shelves.
Bar cabinet with single glass shelf and back-lighting.The light turns on automatcially when the top is opened.The system provides a lot of adjustable wall-mounted storage.
Kai Kristiansen teak FM system | 6 cabinets
Vintage teak wall-mounted cabinets & shelves. 1952 design FM system.

The system is very easy to mount as each upright fixes to the wall and each unit is fitted onto metal slots.
Once you have the uprights mounted on the wall you can arrange the shelving and cabinets as they suit you best.

The system comprises of:
4 uprights
2 shelves @ 7 inch / 18cm
1 display / magazine shelf @ 11 inch / 28cm
1 sliding glass door cabinet @ 11 inch / 28cm
1 sliding door cabinet @ 11 inch / 28cm
1 drop-front cabinet @ 11 inch / 28cm
2 two-door cabinets @ 17½ inch / 45cm
1 bar cabinet @ 17½ inch / 45cm
5 teak bookends

Two of the deeper cabinets feature tambour doors which open smoothly and contain
The bar cabinet has two front doors that swing out and the top lifts open as well.
It contains a small glass shelf & a light for back-lighting.

Condition: Very good with lovely patina & oiled finish.
Some minor signs of use consistent with age are present.
FM maker's label located inside cabinet.

Design. Kai Kristiansen
Producer. Feldballe Møbelfabrik
Model. FM-system
Year of design. 1952

Width. 103 inch / 261cm
Depth. 18 inch / 46cm
Height. 69 inch / 175cm


Price: 1,800.00(2,034.00)

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