Dining chairs

Dining chairs

ENTER THIS SECTION to see the varied and ever changing selection of Midcentury and modern Danish dining chairs.

There will be a varied selection of dining chairs in sets of 4 - 6 - 8 and even 10, some in leather and others in fabric and those by the well known and famous Danish architects / designers like Niels O Moller, Ole Wanscher, Hans Wegner, Henning Kjaernulf and many many others as well as lesser known generic Danish dining chairs.

The woods often used in midcentury Danish furniture ranges from the now banned Brazilian rosewood to Light oak and lots of teak,

Every item listed in this section can be view in our large showroom located in Nottingham

Nils Jonsson 4 rosewood chairs | TROEDS

 600.00  each

Helge Sibast spindle back chair | Model 422

 295.00  each

4 Vintage teak dining chairs | Anderstrup Mobelfabrik

 860.00  each

Johannes Andersen armchairs | Vintage rosewood

 2,800.00  each

Johannes Andersen dining chairs | Vintage rosewood

 6,800.00  each

Rio-rosewood armchairs | Kurt Olsen | Slagelse

Niels Moller armchair model 66 | Rosewood frame

 1,500.00  each

Mogens Kold high back dining chairs | Set of 8

 1,600.00  each

Helge Sibast set of 4 RIO-ROSEWOOD chairs | Model 430

 3,200.00  each

Kai Kristiansen rosewood chairs model 42 | Set of 8

 7,800.00  each

Hans Olsen rosewood dining chairs

 1,200.00  each

Niels Moller model 71 teak dining chairs | set of 8

 6,800.00  each