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Solid oak room divider | 4 cabinets & 3 shelves

Solid oak room divider | 4 cabinets & 3 shelves

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Solid oak room divider | 4 cabinets & 3 shelves
Very practical free standing 2 section ladder rack room divider in solid oak. Made in Denmark.

This very practical two section room divider / wall unit is is made with 3 seperate ladders onto which the cabinets and shelves mount.

The unit is made entirely of solid oak timber which makes for a very strong & stable constructed unit.

The unit comes with 4 cabinets and 3 shelves, although only 2 shelves are shown in the photos.
These can be fitted where you like providing you with flexibility of how you set up the unit.

The lovely glass door cabinet features glass panel doors that open to reveal adjustable shelves.
Ideal for use as a drinks cabinet.

Condition: Very good with waxed finish.
Some signs of use are present on the unit, see images.
There is a small broken piece of glass in the corner of the glass door unit.
The unit completely dismantles for easy transport.

Width. 75 inch / 190cm
Depth. 16 inch / 41cm
Height. 79 inch / 200cm


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