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Nottingham based specialist for vintage Danish furniture available in UK

Teak CADO system | 3 cabinets & 5 shelves

Teak CADO system | 3 cabinets & 5 shelves

Vintage teak CADO system with 3 cabinets & 5 shelves. Price 895.1960 teak CADO system designed by Poul Cadovius.The 2 sliding door cabinet contains 3 drawers & 2 shelves.
Teak wallmounted cabinets & shelves by Poul Cadovius.Wallmounted storage designed by Poul Cadovius.The shelves & cabinets plug into the uprights.
Solidly constructed 4 drawer base cabinet.Each cabinet & shelf can be moved around to fit your needs.Poul Cadovius teak CADO system with 3 cabinets & 5 shelves. Price 895.
Teak CADO system | 3 cabinets & 5 shelves
Vintage CADO system in teak with 3 cabinets & 5 shelves. Design by Poul Cadovius.

This elegant and classic storage system is perfect for use in a living room, study or office space.
Its wall mounting means that not only is it easy to clean but also does not take up much floor space.

The system spans 2 bays and comprises of;
3 uprights, 5 shelves @ 8½ inch / 22cm Depth
1 glass display cabinet, 1 sliding door base cabinet, 1 4 drawer base cabinet

The wonderful thing with this system is the ease by which you can arrange the shelves and cabinets once the uprights are on the wall.
You can hang them entirely how it suits your storage needs.

Condition. Very good with oiled finish. Minor signs of use & age present.

Designer. Poul Cadovius
Producer. Royal system
Model. CADO
Year of design. 1960

Total width. 63 inch / 160cm
Total depth. 19 inch / 48cm
Total height. 80 inch / 203cm



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