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Vitze oak sewing trolley | Woven cane basket

Vitze oak sewing trolley | Woven cane basket

Vintage oak Danish sewing trolley with woven cane basket. Price 495.1965 design Vitze sewing trolley made of oak with cane basket storage.To lift up the top, use the small lip handle.
Oak sewing table with woven cane basket made in Denmark, 1965 design.Underneath the top is a compartmentalised storage section.A basket made of woven cane can slide out from under the storage section.
Sewing trolley with compatmentalised storage & woven cane basket.Vitze Denmark maker's label located underneath the storage section.Danish 1965 design oak sewing trolley by Vitze Denmark. Price 495.
Vitze oak sewing trolley | Woven cane basket
Vintage sewing trolley in oak with cane basket. Made by Vitze Denmark.

A very stylish addition to a living room or study which can fit perfectly in a corner or by an armchair.

The top of the trolley lifts up to reveal a compartmentalised storage section, originially intended for storing sewing items.

Underneath this section is a basket made of woven cane, which can slide out either side of the trolley.

Both of these can easily store a variety of other items one might find in a modern home, such as cables and other bits.

Condition. Very good with lovely even colour.
The top surface has very minor nicks.
The cane basket is in very good condition.
Maker's label located underneath the storage section.

Producer. Vitze, Denmark
Year of design. 1965

Width. 23½ inch / 60cm
Depth. 15¾ inch / 40cm
Height. 23 inch / 59cm


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