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Elevator lounge table in teak | Extendable

Elevator lounge table in teak | Extendable

Vintage teak lounge-table-come-dining-table with draw leaves. Price 349.Extending oak coffee table with two draw leaves made in Denmark.Cane magazine shelf located under the table top.
Teak elevator table made in Demnark with extending draw leaves.The top surface has cross-grain scratch marks & signs of previous use.The draw leaves can be extended independently of each other.
2 draw leaf extensions on Danish lounge table in teak.Perfectly suited for use as a low dining table in a living room.Danish elevator table in teak with 2 draw leaves. Price 349.
Elevator lounge table in teak | Extendable
Vintage teak Danish design elevator table with two draw leaves.

A lovely lounge-table-come-dining-table perfectly suited for use in a living room.

Fancy having a nice dinner while watching tv and relaxing on a sofa, then simply pull out either one or both of the draw leaves to increase the size of the table top.

Once the leaves are extended they sit flush to the top surface and are stable so you can place larger plates and utensils on the table.

The table has a cane shelf located underneath the table top which you can use to store magazines / other items while using the table for dinner.

Condition: Good with signs of use & age
The table top & leaves have scratch marks on them and are showing signs of previous usage, see images.
The cane shelf is in very good condition and is sturdy.
The two draw leaves operate smoothly and easily.

Width. 49¾ inch / 126½cm
Depth. 21¼ inch / 54cm
Height. 20½ inch / 52cm

Fully extended. 35¾ inch / 91cm


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