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PS hide & hang cabinet system

PS hide & hang cabinet system

Vintage PS hide & hang cabinet system in teak. Price 249.4 supports of each of the cabinets in this system.The supports simply screw into the wall.
The drop down cabinet can be locked when not in use.The display cabinet features 2 sliding glass doors & 2 shelves.4 drawer deep wall-mounted cabinet in teak.
Ring marks located on drawer cabinet top surface.PS system maker's mark located inside the cabinet.Prebend Sorensen design teak hid & hang cabinet system. Price 249.
PS hide & hang cabinet system
Vintage wall mounted shelving system in teak known as PS-system after the designer Prebend Sørensen

This versatile and ultimately flexible shelving system in teak was designed by Prebend Sørensen.

The cabinets rest on small wall-mounted supports which are perfectly hidden behind the cabinets.
This makes them look like they are floating.

The system comprises of an open cabinet, display cabinet with sliding glass doors, a cabinet with a locking drop-down front, and a deep 4 drawer cabinet.

The beauty and flexibility of this design means you can use it as office storage, in a teenagers room or lounge. Where ever it suits you.

Condition: Vey good with lovely patina and minor signs of use & age.
Ring mark present on drawer cabinet top surface, see images.
Maker's mark located inside cabinet.

Design: Prebend Sørensen
Producer:Randers møbelfabrik
Model: PS-System

Drawer cabinet depth. 17½ inch / 45cm
Drawer cabinet height. 19½ inch / 50cm

Drop front cabinet depth. 15½ inch / 39½cm
Drop front cabinet height. 16 inch / 40cm

Glass cabinet depth. 8 inch / 20cm
Glass cabinet height. 20 inch / 51cm

Open cabinet depth. 11 inch / 28cm
Open cabinet height. 12 inch / 30cm

Width of each cabinet. 31½ inch / 80cm



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