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Teak nest of tables | Red / black tiles

Teak nest of tables | Red / black tiles

The tables sit inside one another but can be used seperately.Teak nest of tables made in denmark with red / black tiled tops.
The tiles are perfect for safely placing hot or staining drinks onto.All 3 of the tables have decoratively tiled tops.Red/black tiled teak nest of tables produced in Denmark.
Each of the tables stands on minimalistic teak legs.Midcentury design teak nest of 3 tables with decorative red / black tiles.
Teak nest of tables | Red / black tiles
Vintage teak nest of 3 tables with stylish red / black decorative tiles.

The many subtle details and high quality of the construction of this nest of tables mean it could be used in a variety of rooms.
It can be used in an alcove, next to a sofa or even by the bedside.
Alternatively, it could fit in very nicely with a pair of armchairs on a garden patio.

The nest contains 3 tables, 2 of which fit inside the other. The two smaller tables slighty stick out to allow you to easily pull on them for use independently.

The tiled section is intended to be a safe area to place hot items or drinks which may stain -i.e wine bottles.

Condition. Very good, the table has a rich even patina and smooth even oiled finish.
The red / black tiles are unmarked

Width. 22¾ inch / 58cm
Depth. 18¾ inch / 47½cm
Depth of largest table top. 16½ inch / 42cm
Height. 19¼ inch / 49cm


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