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Cado system on wall panels | Poul Cadovius

Cado system on wall panels | Poul Cadovius

Vintage Rio-rosewood CADO system by Poul Cadovius. 2100Very practical and easy to re-arrange CADO system from 1965Drop-down cabinet smoothly opens and its lockable.
There are 8 lovely rio-rosewood shelves that are adjustable.The sliding-door cabinet features inset carved handles.The sliding doors are easy to move.
The cabinet contains 3 drawers that can be adjusted.Each unit can be moved and fitted onto dowel holes.The units are mounted on 3 large rio-rosewood wall panels.
Cado system on wall panels | Poul Cadovius
The pictured set-up would work well in medium/large room where you want to make the most of space.

The system is very easy to mount as each panel fixes to the wall and aligns with the next panel via a small bead that is in the edge of each panel.
This locks the panels together.

Once you have the panels mounted on the wall you can arrange the shelving and cabinets as they suit you best.

The system comprises of:

3 wall panels.
8 shelves of various depths
16 shelf supports/brackets
1 drop-down door record cabinet with locking door
1 sliding door cabinet.

The sliding door cabinet houses 3 interchangable drawers perfect for storing loose items or TV remotes.
The drop-down door cabinet contains a record holder for LPs.
The lock is in excellent working order on the drop-down cabinet.

Condition: Amazing rosewood with patina.
Minor signs of use.

Based on condition & wood

Designer. Poul Cadovius
Producer. System CADO
Model. CADO
Year of Design. 1965

Total Width. 94½ inch / 240cm
Total Height. 44 inch / 240cm
Total Depth. 18 inch / 46cm

Drop-down door Cabinet Height. 15 inch / 38cm
Sliding-door Cabinet Height. 18 inch / 46cm


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