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Asymmetric 1950s lounge table in nutwood

Asymmetric 1950s lounge table in nutwood

Vintage 1950s asymmetric lounge table in nutwood with glass top. Price 749.Asymmetric shaped louge table with glass top.Tappering round legs with brass slippers .
Glass topped asymmetric shaped lounge table in nutwood.There are 3 raised edges which keep the glass top secure.Removable glass top on nutwood lounge table in asymmetric shape.
Nutwood 1950s lounge table made in Denmark.3 legged asymmetric Danish lounge table in nutwood.Danish 1950s design nutwood lounge table with asymmetric top. Price 749.
Asymmetric 1950s lounge table in nutwood
Stunning vintage 1950s lounge / coffee table with asymmetric shapped top & 3 legs.

This stylish table offers a shape unlike any other and elegant details that help it to be a centre piece of any room.

Its overall shape gives it a soft look when combined with the 3 legs.
Each of the tappering round legs is finshed into a brass 'slipper'.

The table features a removable glass top which is held in place by the table edge which is slightly raised at 3 points.

Condition. Very good with an even patina and a warmth to the wood making it a real midcentury gem.
The glass top has minor scratches from use & age.

Width. 49 inch / 125cm
Depth. 29 inch / 74cm
Height. 23 inch / 58½cm


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