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6 model 78 chairs with grey wool cord seats | Niels Møller

6 model 78 chairs with grey wool cord seats | Niels Mller

Vintage set of 6 model 78 rosewood dining chairs. Price 5900.6 rosewood framed dining chairs design by Niels Mller.Rare grey wool corded seats for model 78 chairs.
The chairs can be easily stacked.The chairs have tapering round rosewood legs.The chairs are in excellent condition.
Niels Mller production disc on chair leg rail.Model 78 chair designed in 1962 by Niels Mller.6 rosewood dining chairs with grey wool cord seats. Price 5900.
6 model 78 chairs with grey wool cord seats | Niels Møller
Vintage set of 6 rare dining chairs with rosewood frames & grey wool cord seats. Model 78 designed by Niels Møller.

This chair is among the most sought after of chairs designed by Niels Møller and early versions in rosewood even more so.
This set of chairs offer comfortable seating with good back support and are comfortable after hours of sitting due to the flexible seat and curved back supports.

All the chairs are upholstered in their original grey wool cording.

Clearly marked with makers disc on the inside of the side rail.

Condition: Perfect with stunning patina.
Grey wool corded seats are in perfect condition and are unmarked.

Design. Niels O. Møller
Producer. J L Møllers møbelfabrik
Year of design. 1962
Model. 78

based on condition, wood and grey wool cord seats

Width. 19¼ inch / 49cm
Depth. 20 inch / 51cm
Height. 31 inch / 79cm

Seat height. 17¼ inch / 44cm
Seat depth. 17 inch / 43cm


Cites EU 0508-1003/18


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