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Poul Dinesen library table in teak | 1966

Poul Dinesen library table in teak | 1966

Teak drop leaf library table with fold-away option. Poul Dinesen design.1966 design library table in teak with unfolding leaves.
Poul Dinesen produced unfolding library table in teak.Unfolding table designed & produced by Poul Dinesen in 1966.The leaves are supported by a pull-out leg when in use.
One or both drop leaves can be raised to extend the table.Library table made by Poul Dinesen 1966.When fully extended it easily accomodates 10 people.
Poul Dinesen library table in teak | 1966
Vintage teak library table with fold-away option. Poul Dinesen design & production.

A beautifull and incrediibly versatile table which extends to comfortably seat 10 people.

There are several options when it comes to extending the table.
Firstly, are the drop leaves, which simply lift up and rest on the pull-out leg located underneath the table top.
The two drop leaves can ebe used independently of each other.

Secondly, are the unfolding leaves in the centre, which open up when the table is pulled open.
These are supported by two legs that pull out from underneath the table top.

Both options allow you to seat 4 to 6 people.
When completely extended the table is able to seat up to 8 or 10 people.

When not in use, or in need of transporting, the table completely folds in, only measuring 9 inch / 23cm in width!
This makes it ideal for storing away in a smalll kitchen-diner, and ready to be fully unfolded for a large dinner party.

Condition. Very good with deep patina and oiled finish.
No signs of use.

Design. Poul Dinesen
Producer. Poul Dinesen
Year of design. 1966

Width when folded. 9 inch / 23cm
Depth. 43 inch / 110cm
Height. 28½ inch / 72cm

Unfolding leaves extended. 58 inch / 148cm
Outer leaves extended. 60 inch / 152cm
Fully extends to 110 inch / 280cm

REF DT1010

Price: 2,495.00(2,819.35)

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