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3 door wardrobe in teak | W&B Mobler

3 door wardrobe in teak | W&B Mobler

The wardrobe completely dismantles for flat packing & easy transport.Solid construction & ultra light weight wardrobe.3 door large teak wardrobe designed & made by W&B Mobler.
The wardrobe contains removable shelves and storage for shoes.Teak sliding door wardrobe made in Denmark.Midcentury 3 door wardrobe in teak, fully dismantles.
W&B Mobler teak 3 door wardrobe made in Denmark.Sliding 3 door wardrobe with shelves. Made by W&B Mobler.Danish design large 3 door wardrobe in teak. Fully dismntles. SOLD
The back is branded with the W&B Mobler logo.
3 door wardrobe in teak | W&B Mobler
Vintage Danish design large wardrobe in teak with 3 sliding doors. Made by W&B Mobler.

This warbrobe really is the most impressive with the stunning teak, the amount of storage it provides and the ease with which it assembles / dismantles.

The construction of this huge wardrobe is made with very high quality materials which combine to make a very solid and stable unit which is remarkably light weight.

The wardrobe has two levels, the bottom large section has full dress length hanging space on the left and right of a central section with 4 shelves & 1 drawer shelf.
The top section is divided into two sections with 1 shelf spanning the space in each section..

Even the base is utilized for storage, as it is the perfect size for storing shoes.

Condition: Very good having been cleaned and oiled.
The oil helps to enhance the age related patina and nourish the wood.
Minor marks, chips and other signs of use & age present.

The wardrobe completely dismantles for easy moving. When we deliver the wardrobe we will assemble it in your home.

Producer. W&B Møbler

Width. 70½ inch / 179cm
Depth. 24¾ inch/ 63cm
Height. 91 inch/ 231cm


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