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Teak dining chairs | Woven cord | Set of 4

Teak dining chairs | Woven cord | Set of 4

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Teak dining chairs | Woven cord | Set of 4
Vintage set of 4 dining chairs in teak & woven paper cord.

These very elegant and light dining chairs offer very comfortable seating as the corded seat and back have a small amount of give.

The danish cord is made of 3-ply waxed craft paper twisted into a very strong and durable string.
The lifespan of the danish cord is a good 40+ years

Condition: Very good with rich patina. Frames are all solid and have no loose joints.
Oiled finish nourishes and enhances the wood grain.
The woven cord is ..

Width. 18½ inch / 47cm
Depth. 19¼ inch / 49cm
Height. 31 inch / 79cm

Seat height. 17½ inch / 44½cm
Seat depth. 16½ inch / 42cm


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