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6 model 49b dining chairs | Erik Kirkegaard

6 model 49b dining chairs | Erik Kirkegaard

Set of 6 vintage dining chairs in teak with original black vinyl seats. Price 3600.6 Danish design dining chairs with teak frames and black vinyl seats.The dining chairs have their original black vinyl upholstered seats.
The elbow rest comfortably support you arms while sitting down.The back support is curved, providing a comfortable sitting experience.The minimalist designed frames are made entirely of teak.
Danish set of 6 teak framed dining chairs with curved back rests.Model 49b designed by Erik Kirkegaard for Hng Stolefabrik.Vintage Erik Kirkegaard design teak dining chairs with black vinyl seats. Price 3600.
6 model 49b dining chairs | Erik Kirkegaard
Set of 6 dining chairs with teak frame andf original black vinyl seats. Designed by Erik Kirkegaard for Høng Stolefabrik.

This stunning set of 6 dining chairs offers superb seating comfort as the wide curved back support combines with the soft seat and elbow rest to perfection.

The seats have their original black vinyl upholstery.
The teak frame has a minilimalist design but is stong and sturdy.

based on rarity

Condition. Perfect with lovely patina of the teak frames.
Original black vinyl seats are undamaged.

Design. Erik Kirkegaard
Producer. Høng Stolefabrik
Model. 49b

Width 22 inch / 56cm
Depth 19½ inch / 50cm
Height 29 inch / 74cm

Armrest height. 26½ inch / 67cm
Seat height. 17 inch / 43cm
Seat depth. 17 inch / 43cm



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