Teak cabinets

Teak cabinets

Practical and hard wearing teak cabinets, sideboard and shelving systems available.

There will be a varied selection of long sideboards, wall units and similar storage cabinets all in teak
Some will be made by the well known and famous Danish architects / designers as well as lesser known generic Danish furniture manufacturers.

Every item listed in this section can be view in our large showroom located in Nottingham

Long sideboard with tambour doors | Johannes Andersen

 3,749.00  each

Hundevad wall unit with music cabinet | Teak

 495.00  each

Henry W Klein long and low sideboard | Bramin

 2,150.00  each

Prebend Sorensen teak PS system | 2 bay

 950.00  each

Prebend Sorensen 2 bay shelving system | Teak

 950.00  each

E W Bach two tier sideboard | Teak

 2,149.00  each

Niels Moller designed sideboard | Model 20

 4,500.00  each

Poul Cadovius shelf supports | Teak | CADO system

 29.00  each

Vintage 1950s sideboard | Removable sliding doors

 849.00  each

Hans Wegner design 2 door cabinet | Teak

 950.00  each

Hans Wegner RY26 teak sideboard | Ry Mobler

 3,900.00  each

Hans Wegner sideboard - RY26

 3,900.00  each