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Vintage rosewood model 62 armchair by Niels Moller

Vintage rosewood model 62 armchair by Niels Moller

Vintage model 62 armchair with original black leather seat. 2750Stunning Rio-rosewood frame with wonderful patinaRosewood framed armchair model 62, designed 1962 by Niels Moller
Patina and grain structure is very impressive on this chair.The icon of Niels Moller's designs. Elegant and refined luxuryOriginal 50yr + old leather is in perfect condition with lovely patina
the light and elegant lines have been lost in the chair produced now!a work of art from where ever you admire the chair.J L Mlle makers disc inset in frame rail.
Vintage rosewood model 62 armchair by Niels Moller
Niels o. Møller rosewood armchair model 62, original black leather seats, produced by J L Møller.

Original armchair in stunning Brazilian Rio-Rosewood and original black leather.

A true icon of Danish midcentury design from J L Møller company.

Design. Niels o Møller
Produced by J L Møller
Model 62
Year of design 1962

The chair has the original elegant designed frame with original black leather upholstered seats.

This chair is still produced but is no longer available in Brazilian rosewood nor in this fine and elegant design as the new design has been changed, not for the better!

Immaculate with wonderful patina and wood grain patterns.
Original in all aspects.

Makers disc present.

Based on rarity, Condition

Width 22 inch / 56cm
Depth 21½ inch / 55cm
Height 31½ inch / 80cm

Seat height 17 inch / 43cm
Armheight 27½ inch / 70cm


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