Rosewood cabinets

Rosewood cabinets

Vintage rosewood cabinet and sideboards available from our Nottingham showroom

There will be a varied selection of long sideboards, wall units and similar storage cabinets all in stunning vintage rosewood.
Some will be made by the well known and famous Danish architects / designers as well as lesser known generic Danish furniture manufacturers.

Short low sideboard with sliding doors | Rosewood

 1,149.00  each

Kai Kristiansen 3 bay FM system | Vintage rosewood

 1,850.00  each

Erling Torvits secretair / writing bureau | Rosewood

 2,495.00  each

Kai Kristiansen FM system with writing desk | Rosewood

 595.00  each

Independent wall shelf in rosewood | 45cm deep

 149.00  each

Vintage rosewood sideboard | Arne Vodder model OS29

 8,599.00  each

Poul Hundevad wall unit | Rosewood

 795.00  each

Sven Ellekaer large wall unit | Rosewood

 395.00  each

Poul Cadovius rosewood CADO shelf | 22cm deep

 98.00  each

Poul Cadovius rosewood CADO shelf | 38cm deep

 125.00  each

Vintage rosewood sideboard with hutch | Axel Christensen & Co

 2,495.00  each

Large storage wall unit with drop front desk | Rosewood

 945.00  each