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JH501 The chair | Hans Wegner

JH501 The chair | Hans Wegner

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JH501 The chair | Hans Wegner
A stunning example of Hans Wegner's Iconic and timeless chair designed in 1949.

This version was produced between 1949 and 1951 and has light oak frame with cane wrapped back and woven seat.
Chairs produced after 1951 did not have cane wrapped around the back.

The chair offers unrivalled seating comfort and won appeal when it was requested by John F Kennedy as the chair he was most comfortable in.

The chair's back support and arms are designed so they gently sweep into each other without any obvious transition from one to the other.

Clearly branded to rail under seat with makers details & logo.

Condition. Exceptional with lovely patina, clean smooth oak and intact cane.
Some cane replaced in the seat

Based on age & Condition

Design. Hans Wegner
Model. JH501
Producer. Johannes Hansen
Name. The chair

Width 25 inch / 63cm
Depth 21 inch / 53cm
Height 30 inch / 77cm

Seat height 17½ inch / 45cm
Seat depth 18 inch / 46cm


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