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4 rosewood dining chairs | Illum Wikkelso design

4 rosewood dining chairs | Illum Wikkelso design

Stunning rosewood frames with elegant slender legs and curved backs.
A sculptural chair that offers comfortable seating.Elegant and slender design created by Illum Wikkelso. All original black vinyl upholstered seats. Perfect condition on all chairs.
Like a grip or horns of a helmet. 2 set of 4 are available should you wish to have a set of 8
4 rosewood dining chairs | Illum Wikkelso design
Set of 4 stunning vintage rosewood dining chairs with original black vinyl upholstered seats.

The chairs are as much sculptural as they are comfortable and supportive.

The deep padded seats offer comfort with the beck rest being just below shoulder height so you can lean back on it.

The chair frames are very elegant with sweeping back rests, long extended rear legs and a seat that is gently curved, all features that make for a great design.

Condition. Superb with no damage to the original seats.
Strong sturdy frames with lovely patina and oiled finish which helps to nourish and protect the wood.

The chairs are clearly stamped under the seats with maker details.

Based on rarity

Design. Illum Wikkelsø
Maker. Brdr Tromborgs møbelfabrik
Year of design. 1963

Width 20½ inch / 52cm
Depth 17½ inch / 45cm
Height 34 inch / 86cm

Seat height 17½ inch / 45cm
Seat depth 15½ inch / 40cm

2 sets of 4 identical frame chairs are available.
1 set with vinyl seats the other with leather seats!


Cites 0625-1721
Price: 2,300.00(2,599.00)

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